The Masked Campaign

Ferenal, the capital of the world. Often called the land of opportunity, anyone can get their claim to fame via teaching magic, fighting in their army, starting a shop; anything goes. The journey is long and requires a lengthy boat ride across the ocean to reach it. That is where the story begins, with five characters traveling to the great city. Each with their own reasons for going. Each coming from different backgrounds with different motivations. But when their boat is attacked by some powerful unknown force, the five are forced together to try and stop the end of the world.

The Dungeon Master

The guy that deals with all these people. All credit to the storyline and NPCs goes to this guy.


The various characters of the story. The good, the bad, and everything in between.

Side Characters

The various side, yet still important, characters of the story.


The people behind the character's of the story.


The locations within the story.


The magical items the campaign is centered around.

The Story So Far

What's happened with the characters? Have they decided to kill each other? Are they all still sane? Who's pissed at who and why? Has Liatos gotten laid yet? Is Airis still searching for his gay lover? Find out in the stories below:

Session 1

Arriving in Cariss, The City Behind the Mask

Session 2

The Dungeon of Dagon's Second Artifact

Session 3

Chores For a Hunter

Session 4

The Stranger

Session 5

Nodes and the Beginning of the End

Session 6

Amoria, the Capital of the World

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